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The Optimus Design WordPress theme checker is the prefect tool to find out more about your WordPress theme. You can quickly & easily find out if your WordPress website is a bespoke / custom made theme or a pre-built purchased theme.

This tool is created to help businesses & individuals understand their WordPress website and to help discover if they have been deceived or mis-sold website design services from their web designer / agency.

Have you been mis-sold your website?

It is a known fact that some website designers / agencies mis-sell their services and deceive their customers into thinking that the website will be a bespoke designed website that is tailored around the needs of the individual / business, when in fact the true reality is that it is merely a pre-built purchased theme with a few minor tweaks to match the customers branding.

Are you already aware that your WordPress website has been set up with a pre-built theme and wondering what the issues are?

If you are already aware that your website uses a pre-built theme then you do not need to worry. You have a designer / agency which you can trust as they are transparent and honest with you. The pre-built themes are normally reliable, easy to set up, feature packed and the timeframe of your website design project can be dramatically decreased if you opt to use a pre-built theme.

What Optimus Design thinks

At Optimus Design, We believe unless you specifically ask for a pre-built theme you should receive a bespoke custom made WordPress theme suited entirely around your requirements and branding. We believe in transparency and that everyone deserves to stand out from the crowd with their own unique image.

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What to look out for within the results:

  • Theme Name: Does this have any relevance to you, your business or your web designer / agency?
  • Theme URI: Does this link to your website, your businesses website or your web designers / agencies website?
  • Author name: Does this have any relevance to your name, your businesses or web designers / agencies name?
  • Author URI: Does this link to your website, your businesses website or your web designer / agencies website?

If the answer to most of these questions are no, Unfortunately, it is likely you have a pre-built theme used for your website.

To check your WordPress website theme simply enter your url into the box below.

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